Global Social Awareness through Absolute Integrity

Our global social awareness programme, launched in 2013 in the aftermath of the Sichuan Province earthquake, springs from our conviction that those in positions of privilege and power have responsibilities above and beyond their professional or political mandates.

As a respected network of debt collectors on a truly global scale, therefore, we see it as our duty to reach out to those who are underprivileged or who have been stricken with the calamitous consequences of natural disasters. So our integrity promise not only guarantees the highest standards in the global debt collection industry; it also serves as an open avowal to ameliorate the lot of humankind—however incrementally, however modestly—by doing what we can.

[one_second class=”social_box”]Fund for the blind of Laski benefit from the TCM Group’s World Congress 2017 as we were enthralled by the exceptional voices of three magnificent ladies[image src=”SAMSUNG CSC” align=”” caption=”” alt=””]July 18 2017 Blindness is defined as not being able to see anything, despite this some people are called blind, despite being partially sighted. This is because they cannot see clearly, but only see unfocused shapes or colours.[button title=”Read more” link=”″ target=”_blank” color=”” size=””][/one_second]

[one_second class=”social_box”]Proceedings of TCM Group’s 2016 Annual Charity Auction go to Dubai Cares and the eradication of poverty through education[image src=”” align=”” caption=”” alt=””]May 10, 2016TCM Group passionately shares Dubai Cares’—and Nelson Mandela’s—belief that education is one of the most powerful agents of change the world has ever known or will ever know. [button title=”Read more” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”” size=””][/one_second]

[one_second class=”social_box”]Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence announced as the beneficiary of the 2015 Charity Auction[image src=”” align=”” caption=”” alt=””]July 10, 2015If children are our future—and it is TCM’s conviction that they are—then how a nation attends to its children speaks volumes about how it attends to its own future.[button title=”Read more” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”” size=””][/one_second]

[one_second class=”social_box”]San Jose Foundation for children and mothers in straitened circumstances receives substantial donation from TCM[image src=”” align=”” caption=”” alt=””]Oct. 16, 2014Since the early 1990s, Chile has been one of the most politically stable and economically prosperous countries on the South American continent.[button title=”Read more” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”” size=””][/one_second]

[one_second class=”social_box”]Luyang Town students receive new computers and school uniforms in the wake of 7.0-magnitude earthquake[image src=”” align=”” caption=”” alt=””]June 27, 2013TCM members from across the global bring special gifts for a charity auction held to aid survivors in the earthquake-struck province of Sichuan.[button title=”Read more” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”” size=””][/one_second]

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