Payment monitoring

In the interest of our domestic and foreign customers who run businesses within Poland we offer the service of payments monitoring, which is the most effective way to prevent late payments.

Vast experience, skillful conduct of negotiations with payer make invoices be paid fairly and in a timely manner, and the mutual relationship between the creditor and debtor to retain its friendly nature.

As part of the service we offer constant control of payments of invoices from the time of their issuing to the day of payment, which includes acknowledgement receipt of invoices, reminder of impending payment, confirmation of payment, and if necessary the dispatch call for payment and talking to the person liable.
We recommend the service especially to foreign Customers who begin cooperation with Polish partners and wish to prevent any possible difficulties with settlement the accounts in a timely manner.

The service is available in subscription or quantity system. If you are interested in more details please contact us by phone or email.

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