Companies, institutions and private persons choose Debtus because:

We provide services for domestic and foreign customers

The service of national debt collection is directed to both Polish and foreign Customers. We help in the most effective collection of debts from Polish debtors thanks to very good knowledge of local law and customs.

We hire highly qualified specialists

The principle of our work is co-operation with experienced and highly qualified specialists from such fields as law and economics. Our employees effectively represent the interests of our customers and look for the best solutions during the ongoing debt collecting processes.

We know how to conduct negotiations

Collecting debts we act in the interest of both parties, creditors and debtors. We participate in the recovery process at every stage, by negotiating the best solutions and supporting Clients with specialist knowledge.

We offer preferential terms of payments

Regardless the amount of collected debt we settle accounts with our Clients based on commission from success. It means that remuneration for provided service is collected only after successfully finished debt collection process.

We protect the data of our Clients and Debtors

We meet the requirements of the European Union and the United States (Safe Harbor) on the protection of personal data – we have a unique system of TCM Exchange Platform , which is used for secure data exchange between foreign partners and customers. We have appropriate acknowledgment in the form of Data Transfer Agreement.


It is so simple – just click on the order tab, fill in the interactive form and let us work. Your money is waiting for You!

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