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We wish to become a collection company of a first choice not only for national companies operating on foreign markets but also for international partners seeking support in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our biggest advantage is the competence of our staff, the quality of our services and innovative collection tools, such as modern methods of data exchange with partners and clients around the world through a communication hub that meets all current and planned requirements of the protection of personal data in European Union.

The realization of our vision promotes our knowledge and experience in international debt collection and a network of proven partners in 150 countries worldwide.


Our mission is to improve the quality of financial and debt collection services both domestically and internationally. We put a strong emphasis on respect for each party involved in the original transaction. Our goal is to enable partners to further long-term cooperation. A global perspective of our activity promotes diversity and respect for different ways of working together with easy access to the highest quality debt collection services to all participants of international and local market together as well as state administration.


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