Mature businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner and colleagues in a modern office


The knowledge, skills and commitment are our basic tools while cooperating with the customers. The competence of our team are a necessary condition for solving entrusted cases and tasks. We educate and develop our skills to fulfill the needs of our customers.


The ability of creative thinking and acting in a way strictly adapted to  very differentiated spectrum of customers and partners is a necessity in a quickly changing international business environment. Cultural competence and respect for the diverse needs is our leading value.


The attention to quality and durability of relationships with our customers, as well as relations between creditors and debtors are inherent and main objective of our activities. Further cooperation of creditors and debtors is one of the most important determinants of properly completed tasks and successful debt collection.


Building and maintaining trust with our colleagues, partners and customers is one of the main reasons for our commitment and continuous improvement of service quality. We believe that trust accelerates business processes and ensures long term benefits together with working in a good atmosphere.

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