We can help you to quickly enter the local market.

Some of our corporate and fiduciary services are:

Accounting services
– maintaining of books of account according to the Accountancy Act
– maintaining income and expenditure tax book
– compiling VAT records
– compiling and submitting tax forms to the proper Tax Office
– compiling the Financial Statements
– compiling the summary information on intra-community transactions
– client representation in the Tax Office as well as Social Security authority (ZUS)

HR and payroll services
– preparing of payroll list spreadsheets and tax forms
– preparing documentation and settlement with Social Security Authority (ZUS)
– preparing documentation related to employing and terminating of employees
– maintaining workers’ portfolios
– client representation at Social Security Authority (ZUS) and in the Tax Office

Audit – we are cooperating with entities, which are preparing audit of financial statements

Tax Advisory – ongoing tax advisory in all matters connected with conducting business activity in Poland in relation to all taxes.

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