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In case of exhaustion of possibility to amicably settle a dispute, we offer assistance in court proceedings before common courts in the matters falling under the subject-matter and scope of civil and criminal law as well as arbitration/ mediation proceedings. Legal services are conducted by licensed lawyers along with the team of assistants.

Our legal services:
– professional legal representation in the matters falling under the subject-matter and scope of civil and criminal law in all instances before all courts, including the Supreme Court;
– professional legal representation in the matters falling under the subject-matter and scope of arbitration proceedings, recognition of judgments of arbitration courts;
– recognition and enforcement of foreign state courts judgments;
– gathering necessary documentation concerning a dispute;
– preparation of action strategy;
– client preparation for litigation or arbitration;
– professional mediation – if there is a possibility to amicably settle a dispute out of court, only with participation of a professional lawyer / legal advisor.

We offer judicial eviction, including:
– order for payment procedure;
– procedure by writ of payment and electronic procedure by writ of payment;
– ordinary proceedings (civil, economic disputes);
– criminal procedure;
– preparation and supervision of bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings;
– support in searching debtor’s property;
– supervision of execution proceedings;

Procedure stages:
– legal analysis of the claim and acquired documents;
– recommendation for the client regarding the optimal strategy for conducting the case;
– preparation and submitting the pledge or petition or further pleadings;
– full representation before the court;
– obtaining the order for payment or judgment;
– requesting for petition to declare enforceability;
– obtaining the final judgment or order for payment;
– securing of receivables on property owned by debtor;
– execution from the debtor’s property.

Legal assistance abroad
Being the part of the TCM Group International allows us to offer our clients legal services in many countries, eg. in Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, China, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Republic of South Africa, USA, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ukraine, Russia and so on. * The presented model applies to Polish legal proceedings; services may differ among themselves, depending on the particular country – ask for details: robert@debtus.pl or wojciech@debtus.pl

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