We are a member and co-owner of TCM Group International - a leading global alliance of debt collection companies and law firms. We guarantee global reach through local presence. We get where others can't. Highest quality and competitive prices.
Since 2010, Debtus/TCM Poland is a partner in TCM Group International. Since 2013, elected annually, Hubert Czapiński, founder and owner of Debtus is continuously the Chairman of the Board of TCM Group International, Ltd.
<em>TCM World Congress 2016 Dubai</em>

TCM World Congress 2016 Dubai

Members of the TCM Group International are present in 150 countries on 6 continents. Our aim is to operate close to the debtor. Since 1987 TCM Group International ensures the highest quality of service and the highest ethical standards.
<em>TCM World Congress 2015 Florence</em>

TCM World Congress 2015 Florence

Debtus is also a member of the ACA International - the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe. We are continuously improving our skills to meet the demands of our customers.

The Global Trade Credit and Risk Management Conference 2016 Dubai

2014 Sao Paulo

10th National Conference of Credit and Collection 2014 Sao Paulo

Over 13 years of experience and active presence in the market of debt collection makes Debtus a reliable, professional partner to whom you can entrust even the most difficult case.
news_1TCM World Congress 2014 Santiago

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