24 June 2016
24 June 2016,
Ayman Al Wadi - CEO of TCM UAE

Ayman Al Wadi – CEO of TCM UAE

 Investment in Dubai

Debtus / TCM Poland offers an assistance in entering the market of the United Arab Emirates.

We provide a full range of legal services, setting up joint venture companies, complex assistance in dealing with local investors, conducting due diligence analysis and overseeing the investment process in UAE or outside.

We cooperate only with reliable partners, including ALWADI Holding Ltd. / TCM UAE

Our  local partners:

RAALC Law Firm www.raalc.ae

– real estate broker – Arthur Mackenzy Real Estatewww.arthurmackenzy.com

– additional servises (translations, debt collection) ALWADI Holding – www.alwadiholding.com

Want to know more? E-mail us at hubert@debtus.pl or anna@debtus.pl or use a contact formHere

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